luni, 3 martie 2014

"The Price is Right"

I think a way to make lessons more attractive is to make them fun. We can use games because they are challenging and motivating to the students. For example, for the topics referring to pricing, you can play “The Price is Right.” Group the students into teams, than show them several pictures of different products (or even small products or empty packages) and the teams are asked to estimate the retail price. For much fun, edible items (cookies, small fruits) can be used. You can give awards to the members of the team who are closer to the price of the items.
You can bring some fairly inexpensive items to class.  For example: a notebook, a CD, a paperback book, a greeting card, a pen, a notebook, etc. Then randomly select a panel of students as con­tes­tants. Show students an item and ask them to name the retail price of the item displayed. The student that is closer to the retail price paid for the item wins that item.  That contestant is replaced by another student from the class and the game con­­tinues until all of the items have been won.  After the game you can discuss pricing concepts, levels of pricing, markups/markdowns, price policy.