luni, 10 februarie 2014

8 Ways to Create a Strong Classroom Community

1. Have students work together to create their most important guidelines for a successful classroom community.  Decided toghether on the most important 5 rules and write them on a poster. All students sign the poster (as a pledge) and then hang the poster on the wall where the students can see it.
2. Make students share with classmates important things in their lives.
3. Assign each student a classroom job and change it every week.
4. Invite students to eat lunch with you, for example for a celebration.
5. Put student’s desks toghether (and allow time) in order they can talk in groups about the tasks they have to fulfil and, also, about personal subjects.
6. Create an “All about me” poster and ask each student to fill the informations needed and a picture and/or some drawings. Each week a student will present his poster and, eventually, answers classmates’ questions. Then the poster will be hanged on a wall in the classroom for a week.
7. Discuss with the students about the book "How Full Is Your Bucketby Tom Rath. Create a classroom bucket for recognizing acts of kindness or good manners. Or make students write their name on their buckets and pass them around to classmates to add a compliment (you can do this monthly). 
8. Create a class webpage where students can find posts of their work in class and photographs of their activities.