luni, 21 iulie 2014

Training firms - achieving a flyer

A flyer, also called a circular, handbill or leaflet, is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place or through the mail.
Flyers are the best way to advertise a business start-ups. A well designed flyer is an essential element of any printed advertising campaigns.
They can be written by hand, design on the computer or printed at a printong office.
If the flyer is handmade, there are several options: a very neat handwriting, or using a template or stickers letters and pictures. The text should be written in letters large enough to be easily read and it is recommended to merge text with a border (drawing sheets ready box can be used). After the flyer is finished, it can be multiplied in the number of copies required. Handmaded flyers are used if students have good drawing or calligraphy skills.
The best method is to make flyers on your computer. In this way a relatively large number of flyers can be done quickly and cheaply. There are many programs that can be used for this purpose, such as Photoshop, Paint, Publisher.
When using complicated graphics, it is recomende to use a printing office.
Rules to be followed to achieve the flyers:
- Make sure that the information presented is easy to read and understand, even if it's a flyer looking to be creative and unique. Material purpose is to communicate information clearly to the audience choice. Use no more than two letters, allowing easy reading of the text. You can use instead, characters of different sizes, underlined, bold or italics, but not excessive;
- Company name and contact details must be visible;
- The text should be as concise as possible, showing the exact offer, and how much the product or service costs;
- Specify clearly the advantages obtained by using client product / service;
- Do not make promises you can not comply, false advertising is not only unethical, it is even illegal;
- Insert a picture (drawing or photo), preferably representing a person using the product. If it is possible use a photo, rather than a drawing. Whatever type of image, it has to be consistent very well done. Beware of using images protected by intellectual property rights. If students have no drawing skills, drawings or symbols can be used in various collections available to all users (eg Clipart);
- Do not forget the "call-to-action" (customer call to action). Students can use "Order now", together with any discounts or other incentives.
Distribution of flyers:
- flyers distributed in any place they could find potential customers for training firms;
- training firm fairs;
- directly to schools that have training firms, situated in the same town, or using the post services for other places;
- educational fairs.