joi, 12 iunie 2014

Preparing a SWOT Analysis - case study

This case study looks at Beiersdorf,  personal care company based in Hamburg. Students task is to prepare a SWOT for the company; that is, identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As a result of this exercise, students should have a much clearer idea of what marketing strategies would best suit them, given their current environment.

Past: 130 years ago, the company founder, Paul C. Beiersdorf, and the eight employees at his Hamburg laboratory, were already handling orders from physicians and pharmacies all over the world. In 1890, pharmacist Dr. Oscar Troplowitz bought the laboratory from Beiersdorf and began to systematically develop international business. By 1914 he had formed business ties in 34 countries and founded two subsidiaries.
Thanks to its strong brands, such as NIVEA and Labello, Beiersdorf advanced to being a global player in the 1920s and 1930s. At the end of the 1990s, 70 percent of the company’s sales revenue was being generated outside Germany. Today, Beiersdorf generates more than 50 percent of its sales revenue outside Europe.
Present: Beiersdorf is today a global skin care company with more than 150 affiliates and over 16,500 employees worldwide. Our international success is founded on strong brands in all the relevant skin care categories. NIVEA in the mass market, Eucerin in the pharmacy segment (dermocosmetics), and La Prairie in the luxury skin care segment (premium Segment). Today – 100 years after its creation – NIVEA is one of the largest skin care brands in the world and available in more than 200 countries worldwide. Beiersdorf has approx. 70 patents on skin care innovations each year. NIVEA is market leader in 47 countries and has a global brand awareness of 93%.
Future: Europe is Beiersdorf’s key market and it has 58 locations there. At the same time, we are building our presence in growth markets around the world – particularly Brazil, China, and Russia. By establishing Regional Development Centers, such as the ones that recently opened in China and Mexico, Beiersdorf can gain closer insights into consumer needs in these important future markets.
For over 130 years, we have dedicated ourselves to meeting our consumers’ individual needs and are considered to be the inventors of modern skin care. Our research and development expertise, innovative products, and strong brands are the reasons for our success. We want to be the number one skin care company.
Disclaimer: The information are published on and will be used only for didactic purposes.