joi, 19 iunie 2014

10 Simple Ways To Check For Understanding

1. New Clothes
Take a given topic and describe how it can be used in some way other than how you’ve been taught.
2. Dos & Don’ts
List 3 Dos and 3 Don’ts when using, applying, relating to the content.
3. Three Most Common Misunderstandings
List what you think might be the three most common misunderstandings of a given topic based on an audience of your peers.
4. Yes/No Chart
List what you do and don’t understand about a given topic - what you do on the left, what you don’t on the right. Be specific!
5. Three Questions
Ask three questions about the topic, then rank them in terms of their importance/value.
6. Explain What Matters
Explain the most important part of a given topic to a self-selected audience (must clarify) in fewer sentences.
7. Big Picture
Diagram the context – where does it fit in and how does it function in its natural “bigger picture.” This is good for abstract or right-brain thinkers.
8. Venn Diagram
Compare a given topic to a tangent topic.
Venn diagram was invented in 1881 by the British philosopher and mathematician John Venn. It shows the relationships between different groups of things.
9. Draw It
Draw what you do understand.
10. Self-Directed Response
Prove to me you understand in diagram, written, or related form in a way that a stranger would understand.